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Collect and Store Rainwater

The Superior Tank Gutter System of Smart Water Savers Pioneer Water Tanks

Rainwater harvesting utilizes a building rooftop to collect rainwater that conveys into storage. All-in-one rainwater collection tanks employ the tank rooftop to convey rain directly into the tank. Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive in-roof system adds Smart Water Savers that filters out the debris and eliminates gutter build-up.

Smart Water Savers use 1.5MM water flow slots adhered to the tank rooftop for rainwater collection. The superior Smart Water Savers enable an additional 25% rainwater collection of a Pioneer Water Tanks total capacity on average. Areas with 19-inches of annual rainfall can collect 6,670-gallons on average with Smart Water Savers alone with an XL23/02 Pioneer Water Tank with a total capacity of 29,093-gallons.

Eliminating outer tank gutters and opting for the in-roof system of Smart Water Savers limits contaminating build-up from happening and requires minimal maintenance. Side gutters are outside, around the tank rooftop that causes a build-up of debris. The build-up of debris that side gutters incur can contaminate the water and will require frequent maintenance.

Side Tank Gutters Accumulate Buildup
Side Tank Gutters Accumulate Buildup

Household gutters that convey rainwater have several points of filtration. Rainwater passes through gutter guards, filtration baskets for entry, etc. before entering into storage to help eliminate debris. Similarly, Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive in-roof Smart Water Savers low profile shape with 1.5MM water flow slots limits tank contamination while allowing the clean rainwater to flow inside. Spray the roof off for easy debris removal without barricading it in the sides.

Up Close View of a Smart Water Saver
Up Close View of a Smart Water Saver

The domed, corrugated roof structure of Pioneer Water Tanks creates the perfect flow for the in-roof system of Smart Water Savers. The all-in-one rainwater collection enables owners to have a stand-alone water source. A rainwater tank can also be a part of a larger system for additional rooftop collection space.

Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner safely stores rainwater inside. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is BPA-free, NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage and embedded with antimicrobial technology.

Start collecting rainwater as a clean water source. Eliminate debris build-up with our exclusive in-roof Smart Water Savers with top-tier Pioneer Water Tanks. We’re ready to connect you with our network of local accredited providers.


Collect and Store Rainwater All-in-One Pioneer Water Tank

Pioneer Water Tanks + Smart Water Savers are the All-In-One rainwater collection solution that collects and stores all in one tank.

Get started on a rainwater collector tank for your needs and let us connect you with the closest accredited supplier.

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