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Pioneer Rainwater Collector Tank Prices

Rainwater Collector Tank Prices

Pioneer Water Tanks America operates with a dealer and installer network to provide localized service, backed by a worldwide distributor. Our local network provides pricing based on the project location, application, and requirements.

Pioneer Water Tanks + Smart Water Savers are the All-In-One rainwater collection solution that collects and stores all in one tank. Get started on a rainwater collector tank for your needs and let us connect you with the closest accredited supplier.

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    Adding Smart Water Savers to a Pioneer Water Tank increases the amount of rainwater that can be collected from the tank roof. Learn more about each specific model with the amount of Smart Water Savers with the chart below.

    Pioneer Model

    Tank Capacity

    19″ Annual Rainfall

    27″ Annual Rainfall

    XLR 13/02 with 161 SMS16,392-GallonsAdditional 3,826-GallonsAdditional 5,353-Gallons
    XLR 15/02 with 179 SMS20,243-GallonsAdditional 4,699-GallonsAdditional 6,594-Gallons
    XLR 23/02 with 214 SMS29,093-GallonsAdditional 6,670-GallonsAdditional 9,338-Gallons
    XLR 30/02 with 250 SMS39,626-GallonsAdditional 9,087-GallonsAdditional 12,722-Gallons
    XLR 40/02 with 286 SMS51,785-GallonsAdditional 11,861-GallonsAdditional 16,605-Gallons

    *SMS stands for Smart Water Savers

    The amount of Smart Water Savers that can be added depends on the model of Pioneer Water Tank selected. For an annual rainfall of 23-inches, the XL 23 Pioneer Water Tank can collect around an extra 8,004-gallons from the rooftop addition.

    Key Benefits of the Smart Water Saver

    • Efficiently catches rainwater from your corrugated tank roof

    • Water flow slots are 1.5MM wide to help keep mosquitos and insects out

    • The low profile concave shape of the tank roof allows leaves and debris to move over the top, to keep your roof clean

    • Designed to last with UV stabilized Polyethylene

    • Designed to be safe with food-grade materials