Pioneer Smart Water Savers | Pioneer Rainwater Collector Tanks
Collect and Store Rainwater


Smart Water Savers + Pioneer Water Tanks

Catch water directly from your tank roof with smart water savers and store rainwater safely inside a Pioneer Water Tank.

Smart Water Savers adds 1.5MM water flow slots to the tank rooftop for the ability to catch an extra 25% of your tanks total capacity.

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    Up Close View of a Smart Water Saver


    Smart Water Savers are manufactured with Food Grade, BPA-free Material that is UV Stabilized polyethylene. Smart Water Savers are designed with a low-profile concave shape and small 1.5MM slots that help to keep debris from coming in.

    The concave shape fits perfectly into the Pioneer Water Tanks rooftop corrugation that allows the rainwater to flow into the Smart Water Savers for clean storage.

    Key Benefits of the Smart Water Saver

    • Efficiently catches rainwater from your corrugated tank roof

    • Water flow slots are 1.5MM wide to help keep mosquitos and insects out

    • The low profile concave shape of the tank roof allows leaves and debris to move over the top, to keep your roof clean

    • Designed to last with UV stabilized Polyethylene

    • Designed to be safe with food-grade materials

    Smart Water Savers


    Q: Who are the Pioneer accredited installers in my area that can install Smart Water Savers?

    A: Pioneer Water Tanks America operates with a dealer and installer network for localized service. Please contact our main office to be connected with the closest accredited supplier to the project.

    Call (877) 223-7784

    Q: Can Smart Water Savers be installed to my existing Pioneer Water Tank?

    A: Yes, Smart Water Saver can be installed to an existing Pioneer Water Tank roof. Anything installed on a Pioneer Water Tank requires an accredited Pioneer installer for the new addition to be covered under the warranty.

    Q: How much water can I catch from my tank roof?

    A: The number of Smart Water Savers added to a Pioneer Water Tank depends on the model that changes the rooftop diameter size. The XLR 23/02 model has 26 feet and 4-inch diameter and can add 214 Smart Water Savers to the roof for rainwater collection. This model of the water tank has a roof area of 544.63 ft2 so for annual rainfall of 23-inches, an average 8,004-gallons of rainwater can be collected using Smart Water Savers. This is effectively 27% of your tank volume that can be collected from the rooftop with Smart Water Savers annually.


    Roof Area (ft2) X Precipitation Amount (in) X 0.623 = Amount Collected (gallons)

    Q: Are Smart Water Savers safe for use with drinking water?

    A: Yes, Smart Water Savers are made from Food Safe material.

    Q: Are Smart Water Savers BPA-free?

    A: Yes, Smart Water Savers are manufactured of BPA-free Polypropylene that is common in food storage applications.

    Q: Are Smart Water Savers UV stabilized?

    A: Yes, Smart Water Savers are UV stabilized.

    Q: Why should Smart Water Savers be used over a tank roof gutter system?

    A: Adding a roof gutter system directly on a water tank can cause numerous issues that the Smart Water Savers resolve. Leaves, dirt, and debris that would normally fall off of the domed roof of a water tank would instead fall into the gutter system if installed. Gutter systems on water tanks fill up with debris fast that contaminates the water as well as allows buildup that can compromise water quality.

    Gutter guards can prevent debris from entering the gutter system if added onto the tank but they also add weight to the tank siding. The added weight of tank gutter systems can compromise the integrity of the tank roof and tank body. Other tank manufacturers warn against leaving a gutter system filled with debris because of the weight issue that compromises the tank.

    Smart Water Savers allow debris to pass over the 1.2mm slots that prevent buildup. Smart Water Savers, when installed on a Pioneer Water Tank, aren’t adding enough weight to compromise the integrity of the tank.


    Adding Smart Water Savers to a Pioneer Water Tank increases the amount of rainwater that can be collected from the tank roof. Learn more about each specific model with the amount of Smart Water Savers with the chart below.

    Pioneer Model

    Tank Capacity

    19″ Annual Rainfall

    27″ Annual Rainfall

    XLR 13/02 with 161 SMS16,392-GallonsAdditional 3,826-GallonsAdditional 5,353-Gallons
    XLR 15/02 with 179 SMS20,243-GallonsAdditional 4,699-GallonsAdditional 6,594-Gallons
    XLR 23/02 with 214 SMS29,093-GallonsAdditional 6,670-GallonsAdditional 9,338-Gallons
    XLR 30/02 with 250 SMS39,626-GallonsAdditional 9,087-GallonsAdditional 12,722-Gallons
    XLR 40/02 with 286 SMS51,785-GallonsAdditional 11,861-GallonsAdditional 16,605-Gallons

    *SMS stands for Smart Water Savers

    The amount of Smart Water Savers that can be added depends on the model of Pioneer Water Tank selected. For an annual rainfall of 23-inches, the XL 23 Pioneer Water Tank can collect around an extra 8,004-gallons from the rooftop addition.