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AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner

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Pioneer Water Tanks exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner safely stores water to keep it fresh and clean. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is BPA-free and NSF-61 certified with embedded Sanitized® antimicrobial technology to ensure clean water storage.

Pioneer Water Tanks use the AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that never imparts a taste to keep your water as the day it first entered the tank. The AQUALINER® Fresh is BPA-free for clean water storage.

Pioneer Water Tanks exclusively use NSF-61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh (NSF Certificate 3A240-01) tank liners that are tested and proven for potable drinking water storage.


Pioneer Water Tanks have partnered with Sanitized® to create the world’s first antimicrobial water tank liner. Antimicrobial technology adds a defense mechanism to a tank liner which helps it fight against the growth of microbes such as bacteria and algae.

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    Pioneer Water Tanks AQUALINER Fresh tank liner

    AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner Layers

    The AQUALINER® Fresh is manufactured utilizing a patented three-layer process that adheres to a PP Multifilament Base with a Polyethylene Film on the surface.

    • The PP base, PP/PE Coating, and PE Film are all bound together through a process called Extrusion Coating.

    • The PP Multifilament Base provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability.

    • The PE Film provides toughness, water-resistance, and heat seal characteristics.

    • Sanitized® antimicrobial Technology is inherent in the Black Polyethylene Film that touches the water.

    SANITIZED® Antimicrobial Technology

    Pioneer Water Tanks partnered with SANITIZED – the world’s leading company in antimicrobial hygiene function and material function – to create a new cutting-edge tank liner that works to protect against the build-up of mold, algae, mildew, and biofilm.

    The advantage of harnessing world-class technology from the Swiss-based company SANITIZED in a water tank application is that the interior surfaces of your tank are actively working against bacterial growth.

    Sanitized® technology complies with the strictest international health guidelines. The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner has been rigorously tested for its functionality and safety for potable, drinking water storage applications. Safely store water long-term with Pioneer Water Tanks for fresh and clean water supply.

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    Tank ModelTank Capacity19″ Annual Rainfall
    XLR 13/0216,392-Gallons3,826-Gallons
    XLR 15/0220,243-Gallons4,699-Gallons
    XLR 23/0229,093-Gallons6,670-Gallons
    XLR 30/0239,626-Gallons9,087-Gallons
    XLR 40/0251,785-Gallons11,861-Gallons